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~ Soap~

Washing your hands regularly is the daily routine we are all making sure happens in our homes and workplaces.
A great way to motivate this, is handmade soap, Made by Back Road Soap in Oxford, New Zealand.
~Lemongrass: There are many benefits to Lemongrass including as a Hand Sanitiser. 
~Whiskey: Fragrance added and popular with men
~Coconut & Gig: Frangrance added and my favourite
~Sandalwood: Known for its calming and soothing properties
~Vintage Rose: Sensual aroma from the frangrance added
~Black Raspberry: Essential Oil added, Another favourite
~Lavender: Essential Oil added, calming and great for soothing headaches
~Vanilla: Essential Oil added, aroma is yummy
Please follow the guidelines for washing your hands, information page supplied when you purchase this soap.

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