Covid19 Response Information for Jannz Craft Shop

Due to the Mask mandate being lifted and only require you to wear a mask in some places across NZ, I am still making them to order and have a limited supply on hand.

All items that are purchased currently on this website are sanitised after being made, then sanitised again twice in the packing process.

Including: Face Masks. These have been classified as essential non food items. Masks are designed and sewn by myself.

I am the only person handling all the items including but not limited to, santising my hands and following all required safety measures recommended.

Types of Pickup offered:

1) Couriers who pickup the items are picking them up from a large orange bucket which is sanitised regularly through the day.

2) A special red box has been made from wood (upcycled pallet), painted red and sealed with polyurethane so this also can be sanisitied regularly. This is hanging through the day on my gate at my home. As I'm working currently from home. This box is for buyers who are local to pick up their purchases. Please note there will only be one parcel out at a time and there is no need to touch the box as your parcel is labelled and will be the only one in this box. A time of collection must be agreed on via text, phone, email or facebook messaging. After every pickup the box is sanitised again. Safe distancing.

In this way the 2 types of pickup are kept totally separate. 

Stay safe and well out there and hope to see you all again soon.

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