M'Lady's Dressing Room Pattern

Faeries in my Garden


~M'Lday's Dressing Room~

~Designed and produced by Lesley from Faeries in my Garden.
The pattern set consists of 14 full color patterns, detailed instructions, embroidery diagrams, and transfers as needed.
Purchase one each month or as required. Or purchase just one of the block to make a cushion or small wall hanging.
It also includes the pre-printed panel of the centre block, "Lady Cora"
The pattern gives detailed instructions of the embroidery and pencil-painting, and includes full size embroidery diagrams, as well as transfers.
The embroidery is actually quite simple, its the colors and stitches that come together to give the appearance of elegance.
I also recommend using Stayflex as an embroidery stabliser to hold your fabric while you stitch, this is iron on and is $25.00 for 1.8m. I have this also available on the website under Tools.


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