About Us

Hi there, I'm Janne, owner of Jannz Craft Shop since 2004.

Having a shop 1st in Kaiapoi, then relocating to Te Puke, (a couple more shifts in-between that were traumatic) then relocating to Oxford in New Zealand with a retail shop on the main st.

In October 2022, moving the business back to my home (have been in Church St, Oxford for 7 years now) Mainly because of the cost of living and price increases across the board.

Now, I and my family have renovated my 3 car garage to a shop, housing the craft shop beautifully. A little reno still to go. A new courtyard out front being developed with a sustainable garden and crafting area in the shade. Very much a work in progress.

I am now able to supply my customers with a true value product and helping to make the craft industry more affordable with lower costs.

I have worked with quite a number of various crafts including but not limited to, cross stitch, embroidery, quilting, sewing and more.

Classes are my love and passion, with more classes being setup through this year of 2023, a year of change and looking after oneself. Making life more sustainable and loving.

I was born in 1960 and grew up in a sewing environment but worked my career as an accounts person till my accident in 2003. This changed my life dramatically and took me away from the fast paced world to heal and care for myself while growing as a person. Working hard for others instead of oneself is not a good way to live. Life changed so much that it created Jannz Craft Shop simply because I was bored at home healing, so out came the graph paper and designing became another passion. Hence my cross stitch patterns available in the store. This year I hope to release my knitting patterns. 

Much love and respect to all and happy creating. 


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